The Twitch Review is a review blog that seeks to find and review streamers on Twitch.tv in order to help others find the streams they are looking for. Due to the nature of streams and the ever changing experiences they create, reviews cannot follow the way reviews are traditionally done for movies or games and must be more flexible. The Twitch Reviews’ review system will be as follows but may change over time:

  • Time-frame Reviewed – When the stream was watched and how long it was viewed
  • Games – What games were played and are they representative of a typical stream
  • Quality – Visual quality and sound quality of the stream
  • Interaction – The way streamer interact with his or her viewers
  • Community – The general feeling and attitude the community around the streamer behaves
  • Opinion – Overall opinion of the stream
  • Love It/ Like It/ Needs Improvement/ Cannot Recommend – Review score

Streams may be reviewed more than once at different times as streams can change completely over a short period of time.


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