May 30 – June 6, 2015

Games Played: The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, FTL: Faster Than Light, Star Trek: Next Generation (Pinball)

     This week The Twitch Review wants to welcome you to the Dapper which is how the man we are taking a look at welcomes new subscribers to his channel. Lethalfrag is a calm streamer who has a welcoming, relaxing, and enjoyable stream. During out review time we saw a few things not seen on other streams done by Lethalfrag. After every victory, whether it be one of his epic Eden runs in The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth or nail biting, one more hit would have killed Lethalfrag, victory in FTL: Faster Than Light, the viewers celebrated Dapper Time. Dapper Time is what he calls his victory celebration which involves Cheese-It’s appearing to come from his beard, a top hat, finger guns, intense glares followed by a nod, and sometimes a ferret or two…or three.

     Speaking of ferrets, Lethalfrag has several that pop on stream and distract Lethalfrag enough to have become a significant part of the stream; even having their own chat emotes. Sometimes he will pick up one of his ferret and wiggle them a little bit if from of the camera in a fun way. Another unique thing on this channel is that at least once a week the viewer can watch actual pinball being played and sometimes watch the pinball machine be worked on. As far as we’re aware this is the only stream that broadcasts real life pinball on Twitch.


     Lethalfrag keeps his stream simple. It’s the game he’s playing and him on webcam in a bottom corner of the screen. The games he played during the review time were not the latest releases or the most graphic demanding but they were as crisp and clear as if you were to play them yourself. His webcam picture quality was nice and clear and was never too large or too small. Like many streamers he has a green-screen set-up which cut’s off irrelevant part of video picked-up by the webcam but the settings are not perfect. Frag is cut out from the background fairly well but around the edges you can see tiny bits of green and parts of his headphones get cut off. Generally the webcam image is too small in the corner of a game to really notice but when he addresses his audience at the beginning and end of streams it is easily noticed. To his credit, however, he has been mentioning that he is working on moving the location from which he streams sometime soon and we hope the quality only improves.

     Aside from the game and webcam quality the sound quality and balance between voice and game were great and consistent and the were no additional sub or donation alert sounds. Lethalfrag does not use donation alerts or on-screen subscription alerts and instead ops to tank each person himself. The is refreshing especially compared to the trends going around Twitch.


     At the beginning of this review we welcomed you to the Dapper but we didn’t explain what that really meant so let’s go into that now. Lethalfrag says Dapper on his channel means to be nice, respectful, and welcoming to others. Every new subscriber gets an individual welcome to the Dapper from Lethalfrag and with that he’s built a community that we never saw break into actual arguments and always welcomed new people into their community. Other than welcoming subscribers though, he spends most of his time during the stream talking about the game he is playing and sometimes replying to people in chat. It’s rare for Lethalfrag to discuss much outside of what he’s doing in game or topics about the stream itself but that isn’t necessarily a negative. The focus during game play is the game after all and, perhaps aware of how he interacts during games, he has occasional Ask Me Anything, or AMA’s, where he answers questions from viewers.


     Lethalfrag does a broadcast where he plays games and talks about those games in a focused and simplified way. There are no extra graphics that distract from gameplay and the are no random sounds that play the moment a new person subscribes. If you’re looking for something loud or exciting then this may not what you’re looking for. What we have here is a calm stream that is welcoming and confrontational. A stream like this is perfect to have on while working on other things or when you might want to zone out because there is almost no chance that there will be any sudden outbursts of yelling or loud sounds being played. The Twitch Review recommends Lethalfrag for its calm nature and its focus on the basics and simplicity.

The Twitch Review Loves Lethalfrag

If you’d like to check out Lethalfrag for yourself they stream at www.twitch.tv/lethalfrag.

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